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In this modern-day and age taking care of the environment and watching our actions has become so important. We just have one earth at our disposal. We need to protect it in every small way possible and conduct our actions in an appropriate manner. Below are some tips to enjoy a birthday party to its full extent but by keeping in mind the environment as well:

Buy fresh products

We have a tendency of buying whatever we get our hands on when shopping for a birthday party. We buy everything in a packed form, and it leaves littered products at the end of the party. Packed food probably is the most wasted product at a birthday. Get into a habit of buying fresh products while shopping for a party and avoid wastage as much as you could.


We use a lot of plastic products while decorating our party. Yes, the decoration is vital but using excessive products that are going to be wasted afterward is not justified at all. Make as many decorative pieces as you can from the reusable products that you have at your home. Order flowers through online flower delivery in Mumbai and use them as decoration. Flowers will add a different and vibrant look altogether.

Avoid Disposables

The disposable plates and cups are eventually going to be wasted only after one use. So, stop buying them and littering them afterward. There are many reusable cutlery items available all over the market. Brig in those items for your party and keep reusing them as far as they can go. Using bamboo products is also one of the better ways to use Eco-friendly products.

Games constructed out of reusable material

A party is incomplete without fun and games. But these games leave a lot of wastage and litter behind them as well. Making the game props out of readily available material is one of the things that can be done. Use the material already available at your home or reuse some of the materials that came into the party. There are solutions everywhere, we just have to look closely enough.

Bake a home cake

With so many tutorials and tips available on YouTube today, you can surely try your hand at it and after some practice, bake some good cakes at home. It is a wonderful way in which you can ensure that all the ingredients that you use are put to adequate treatment and nothing goes down as wastage. These are small things you can do to contribute towards making things Eco-friendly.

Online Invitations

A birthday does not need truckloads of invitations. You are any which ways going to invite only the special people and people who are in your close circle. So, why waste invitation cards, let us just use the digital medium that is available. Everyone in today’s world is on one or the other social media website. Invite them through these. These are some of the tips and things for a wonderful party at home in an Eco-friendly manner.